Rui Lopes

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Artist Statement:

Since an early age, I've always enjoyed the close contact with nature brought by the numerous walks and treks with my father while helping him with his hunting excursions through the fields and cliffs of the island of S. Miguel. And let's not forget the excitement of all the fishing outings to the vast Atlantic ocean of the Azores. I am a believer that being an islander brings a certain amount of very unique experiences, social and environmental, that shapes you apart from any other populated settlements of the mainlands. 

SurfingThe sense of being isolated by water from the rest of the world creates a strong need for your mind to wonder, dream and build. Evidently it is the right fuel for inducing creativity.

Of course when you are also blessed by being surrounded and nourished with very artistic parents, musically and visually, you naturally embrace the arts with all your heart. This is my story!

Perhaps now you understand my cultivated passion for the outdoors and the diligent effort to bring these beautiful surroundings into your living rooms through my images. Humble and grateful for having such opportunity, I hope to nurture a much greater awareness and responsibility to the importance of preserving our planet earth.

Rui Lopes

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